< Don’t just think outside the box, break it apart. Rip it at the seams, shred the foundations. Your renegade inspiration, your most radical thoughts, are waiting to be heard. >


If you look closely at the triangles coming out of the destroyed box symbol on the back of the jacket, they spell the words “offbeat”, “innovate”, “artistry”, “create”, “vision”, “radical”, “avant-garde”, “pioneer”, “renegade”, and “inspired”. Towards the front of the jacket, it shows the same words in structured arrangements of fans - the idea that all the mess that goes into creation can come to form beautiful new concepts.


  • 100% Cotton

    Hand wash 

    Machine wash inside out up to 30°C

    Hang dry only

    Do not tumble dry

    Do not bleach

    Iron inside out

    Do not dry clean